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  • Cambria®, Hanstone®, Silestone® – Quartz products are easy to care for and maintain and do not require harsh or heavy-duty cleaners. You can effortlessly clean it using warm water and a soft cotton cloth. If needed, you can also use mild soap for added cleaning power. While quartz custom counter tops are engineered to be resistant to permanent staining, it is still important to wipe up spills promptly. Avoid placing hot pots and pans directly on the surface, instead opting for trivets and hot pads to protect the surface of your new custom counter tops.
  • Laminate – Laminate counter tops can be prone to staining by things like coffee and tea if they are not cleaned promptly. These stains can be removed with a paste made from baking soda and mild household cleaner, using a stiff-bristled nylon brush with a gentle touch to avoid marring the surface.
  • Corian – To clean the surface effectively, it’s recommended to use a solution of soapy water or an ammonia-based cleaner (avoid using window cleaner). After applying the cleaner, rinse the surface thoroughly and wipe it dry completely. Alternatively, you can also consider using commercially available solid surface cleaners like Clean Encounters ®, which are known to be effective.

How to Care for your Butcher Block Countertop

Wood Welded® Butcher Block countertops, islands, commercial foodservice table tops, furniture and bench tops come standard with satin Durkakryl 102 finish. This highly durable, food-safe finish-developed to be virtually maintenance free-does not need to be rejuvenated like tops finished with mineral oil.

1. For cleaning, wipe down the top with warm, soapy water. The top should then be dried with a rag or towel to ensure that no water remains standing on the surface. Most normal household cleaners, like Windex or Formula 409, can also be used to clean the top.*

If the top should stain-as a result red of wine, for example-most can be easily removed with fingernail polish remover or chlorine bleach, with no damage to the finish.

*Exceptions: Do not use ammonia-based products, as they cloud the finish. Abrasive cleaners and scouring pads can scratch the top.

2. Furniture wax can be applied periodically to bring back some of the luster which may be lost over the years.

3. While Durakryl 102 is an exceptional finish, both from an environmental and a durability standpoint, NO finish is waterproof. If the top is to be kept pristine, treat the top like a piece of furniture.

4. In most situations, Durakryl 102 will last for years without further treatment. In time, however, the finish can degrade with continual use or from cutting directly on the surface. This is a normal part of the life cycle. The beauty of solid butcher block is that what living brings in, sandpaper takes out. Wood Welded Butcher Block can be easily refinished with the “Good Stuff” gel urethane wood finish.

We proudly use Sher-Wood® Finishes from Sherwin-Williams to ensure you enjoy years of performance, durability and beauty with your cabinets. Keep your wood cabinets looking as pristine as they did on day one with these helpful maintenance tips.

Basic Care

-Always dust with a polish-moistened or damp cloth, following the grain of the wood.

-Remove residues such as smoke, cooking vapors, and body oils with a soft, lint-free cloth and a mild detergent or soap and warm water.

-Keep wood surfaces dry — wipe up spills, splatters, and water spots as soon as they occur and dry surfaces immediately with a soft cloth.

-Polishes (not silicones or waxes) are the best choice for cleaning your wood finish. They contain detergents to clean the surface, emulsifiers to help the polish last longer and remove residue better, and mineral oil to create a barrier against dirt and moisture.

Best Practices

-Avoid cleaning with a dishcloth or sponge, as it may contain remnants of grease or detergents. Never use scouring pads, steel wool, or powdered cleaners.

-Do not use products containing bleach, ammonia, or abrasive additives, and do not allow oven cleaners to come in contact with the wood finish.

-Avoid placing small appliances where heat is directed onto the wood surface.

-Minimize contact with liquids, as excessive moisture exposure can cause permanent damage. Avoid draping damp cloths or dishtowels on the wood surface.

When good maintenance procedures are followed, this Sher-Wood® wood finish will continue to protect and beautify your wood surface for years to come.

Your Karran quartz sink is produced from the highest quality natural quartz crystals and acrylic resins. With the right care it will last a lifetime. Cleaning and caring for your quartz sink is easy. Simply follow the simple reference guide below.


Luster Pro cleaning oil available from your local dealer or online at, is a specially formulated oil-based cleaning solution. It is perfect for giving your quartz sink that extra shine and sparkle when needed. After thoroughly cleaning and drying, place a small amount (size of a quarter coin) in the bowl and wipe all over the surface of the sink with a cloth. Apply more if needed and use it as often as desired.

Normal impurities

● Residue from washing up – Clean your sink with water, a non-abrasive cleaner (liquid dishwashing soap, Bar Keepers Friend, Soft Scrub with bleach), and a cloth, then rinse well and dry. This should be done after every use. Doing this will eliminate water spots and soap film build-up.

Metal abrasions

● Created by the day to day use of pots, pans, and cutlery – Use a rub-out sponge (Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sponge). Follow up by cleaning your sink with water, liquid dishwashing soap, and a cloth, then rinse well and dry.

Limescale stains

● Calcium deposits – Use vinegar or a commercial limescale & rust removers such as Lime Away or CLR. With vinegar, dilute 50% with water and let it soak into the affected areas for 20 minutes. Scrub area thoroughly with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sponge.Rinse thoroughly then dry. With a commercial limescale & rust remover, follow the directions for use on the packaging, then rinse the sink thoroughly and dry.

Stubborn stains

● Use a mild abrasive cleaner such as Bar Keeper’s Friend and a soft scouring pad. A diluted bleach solution may also be used. Mix 1 part household bleach with 1 part water and let soak in the sink for 1 hour. scrub area thoroughly with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sponge then Drain, rinse thoroughly, and dry. Do this whenever necessary.


● Never leave soaps, detergents or other cleansers on your sink’s surface to dry. Most contain chlorides and chemicals that could, if left on the sink’s surface, damage it.

● Do not soak your sink with solutions of bleach. Bleach, and most soaps and detergents, contain chlorides that will damage your sink if left on the surface for an extended period of time.

● Water quality in your area may affect your sinks appearance. When water has a high iron content, it may leave a brown stain on your sink. Over softened water will leave a white film on the sink’s surface. Thorough rinsing and towel drying will help alleviate these issues.

Follow these simple maintenance tips to keep your sink looking its best for years.

Onyx products remain clean with minimal efforts. A simple weekly cleaning is often more than enough to keep a shower or vanity top looking new. Most household cleaners work well with Onyx. Just be sure that the cleaner is non-abrasive (no grit in the cleaner). A surface protectant (similar to Rain-X on a windshield) will keep water spots and deposits from forming and can make cleaning an Onyx shower even easier.

Frequently used cleaners include White Vinegar, Eliminate Shower Tub & Tile Cleaner, CLR Kitchen & Bath, Kaboom, Scrubbing bubbles, Clorox (cleaners or wipes), Lysol, Clean Shower-Daily Shower Cleaner. Once again, please avoid any abrasive household cleaners like the traditional Soft Scrub, Comet, The Magic Eraser, or similar cleaners with a “gritty texture”.

The simplest option is white vinegar – a natural cleaner that works well. White vinegar often works the best when faced with hard water/soap film deposits. Use straight white vinegar with a sponge or a nylon/plastic bristle scrub brush. For extreme situations with stubborn mineral or soap buildup, try soaking a paper towel or two in straight white vinegar and then laying it on the affected area. After about 30 minutes, use your scrub brush to break down and remove any excess build-up. It may take a couple of these treatments when hard water buildup is thick.

Once again, any non abrasive cleaner will work on our Onyx product

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